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1. pangolin

The sun burns high in the sky, uncovered and blazing

And I’m walking on scorching sand

With each step I take, I stagger as the sand ripples beneath my feet

At the waves, there are two pale sighthounds

Each barely in view

Looking to my left, a dog with long silky hair stands at the shore

The wave breaking at their front paws, leaving their hair shaggy and matted

To my right, a dog with shorter, curlier fur jumps in and out of the waves

Exuberant and unyielding, snapping at the white water

I turn my head back and forth but each time, the dogs slip out of view

One fading into the horizon

And one swallowed by white hot light

I look ahead to the ocean, making and unmaking itself in front of me

Steeling myself, I stumble faster towards the water

Until I collapse on wet sand

Water laps at my legs, bounding back and forth onto the beach

I look to both sides again

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