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artists' statement


 This piece began with found objects and using our own mediums,  what they made us think and how they made us feel. As we began collecting the objects, we began to see a pattern in the objects of mirror images, identicals, and repetition. When I examined the world around me, this theme of recurred symmetry began to appear everywhere I looked. The poems I wrote for this project are my attempt to explore symmetries that are both natural and man-made, conceptual and observable, exact and distorted. Each piece looks at one little piece of the many symmetries that are fundamental to the world. 


The sounds in these pieces were created by interpreting both Adelaide’s poetry and my own thoughts and feelings about the found objects. The results are mainly sprawling, tempoless compositions that focus on texture, atmosphere, repetition, and patience. Each piece aims to bring the listener into a different world created from all the elements of the poem and object. 

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