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5. dice

1. There’s the other version
undressing myself,
Removing my skin
I know there is a more alive body underneath

2.Do not mess with the shape
It was made as it was meant to be
And it will curve as it’s meant to
Do not run your fingers along it
Do not press them down
Do not mold it
Do not tell yourself it will change
It juts out as it’s supposed to
Step onto the cliff, look out
Do not tell it to avert its’ eyes
Do not hold it back from the edge

3.The void stepped out of my chest in the shape of a small black cat

4.My body is suspended in mid air as the moon reflects off it

5.The garbage always blooms first in Montreal
Before the crocuses poke their beak through winters shell
The containers of lactantia traditional spread and boxes from the snowbanks sprout from where their bulbs have patiently waited out the winter
Still, the light is bleary and half-awake through the naked trees

6. I feel like I am holding a jagged edged rock and turning it over again and again to see if I can wear it down into something smooth and rounded. I think maybe when the ocean makes sand, it’s contemplating the things that have happened to it and trying to break it down into something digestible

7. I hover above the city, seeing the streetlights dotting neighbourhoods like fireflies
And the people moving like ants
And the dusky sky crawls along my body
Distorting my wings
I slip from the sky, and crumple on the ground
Observing a river, the top barely ripples
But moves with force below
A body moves along underwater,
Moves slow and without angles
A body without a destination
A body moves both hidden and illuminated by dark green river water
Weeds reach upwards towards light
And shudder in the movement of the body
At the shore, there is a big flat rock that slowly slopes into the water
Another body is lying, palms pressed down, legs straight against the rock
A body is lying, water slowly evaporating off skin and hairs stand on end
A body is lying, washing off river water with sunlight

8.Two brilliant beasts emerge
Dog height and moving in lockstep
And their bodies rustles like a window being shuttered and unshuttered all at once, again and again

9.I think a lot about putting rocks in mouth
And the sound they’ll make
Swimming in my spit and knocking up against my teeth
Will it sound at all like
Rocks in a stream moved by the current

10.I want to dance around a fire
And peel off my skin
Throw my skin into the fire
Dance until my flesh falls off my body
My bones will fall to the ground
And fire will lick me into ash


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